My Experience with Extreme Back Spasms

Back ache is experienced by many individuals and it hurts a lot, especially if it reaches all areas of your back. The back spasm pain which you may feel can really affect your life, to the point that you cannot even get up in the mornings. I have experienced this first hand and while back pain is a non-fatal disorder, it is imperative that you take care of the symptoms and determine the cause of back spasms, before it’s too late.

Waking Up With an Aching Back

Waking up with back spasms can be amongst the worst pains in life. I can say this as I myself have experienced the abrupt and intense. In addition to the initial pain, it can linger for minutes and may fade very slowly providing even more suffering. Sudden localized cramps are one of the most common back spasm pain symptoms and can strike at any time throughout the day.

Seeking Medical Attention

The number one tip I can give you is to seek medical assistance. It is extremely hard, if not impossible to diagnose yourself using just the internet, although at we try to help, we cannot provide the same amount of help and advice that a trained professional can. Some cases of back spasm pain are caused by problems which can be easily remedied, such as accumulated gas, strained muscles or dehydration.

However, in my case, I was shocked to learn that I had a slipped disc. This is a serious medical condition which requires urgent treatment in order to eradicate the chronic back spasm symptoms. A slipped disc causes so much discomfort because when a spinal disc slips out of place, it traps nerves found in the spinal column and puts a large amount of pressure on such nerves, thus causing a huge amount of pain.

Dealing with the Treatment

My condition may have been a result of my profession which involves prolonged sitting at a desk and at times lifting heavy objects. My slipped disc condition was so severe that I had to undergo spinal decompression which is a surgery conducted to release the pressure in the spine cavity. Accompanied with sessions of physical therapy as well as mineral supplementation and a healthy diet, I was able to overcome the disorder and get rid of back spasm symptoms.

I was also put on anti-inflammatory medications such as NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory) drugs to decrease the inflammation of my slipped discs. But then, I felt gastric irritation later on so my doctor prescribed oral corticosteroids instead. I responded well with corticosteroids but these were just the initial treatments that I have undergone.

Now, I can function effectively without experiencing unbearable back spasms. I hope that this serves as a lesson to those who are experiencing the same symptoms. Have it checked before it’s too late.


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